Thomas Moir

Thomas can be summed up in a single word - Versatile!

His current fields of experience and training include being a Farmer, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Voice Over Artist, Performing Arts Teacher, Music Teacher, Composer and MC.

Thomas works regularly in Voice Over, and is the voice behind many well-known TV, online and radio advertisements.

Playing his own compositions and alternative covers of popular pop and musical theatre songs, Thomas performs background solo piano at various functions across the South West.

Thomas released his first album of original piano solos in 2013, and is currently working on several more.

He has also begun to form a reputation as the Performing MC, bringing an entertaining spin on the role when the opportunity allows.

When he is not engaged in any of the above, Thomas runs performing arts workshops around Perth and the South West.

He has also been known to appear in various forms at public and private events, such as Prince Charming in the City of Bunbury Christmas Street parade, and also a crocodile at several other events!

Thomas is open to trying something new to add to his repertoire, and is always happy to adapt to your particular circumstances.

Contact -

Phone: 0427 341 649



CLICK HERE for Thomas Moir Accreditation Resume