Naughty White Chocolate

Narrowly missing the disco golden age of the 1970s, Naughty White Chocolate is one of the most influential dance-oriented bands NOT to have emerged from that era.

The band has recently surfaced from a 30-year-old studio effort to find a world in crisis, where society has broken down into a cultural dark age of reality TV, abundant but irrelevant technology and a directionless fashion industry in decline.

History has a way of repeating itself and sometimes to move forward we must look back to try and recall a time when there was order, a period of development and the flourishing organic growth of every aspect of human endeavour.

And when humanity looks back the answer is as clear as the sequins on Beyankah daBombe's dress... Disco.

Dedicated to reintroducing the genre and leading the disco renaissance the world is waiting for, Naughty White Chocolate is positioned to illuminate a musical and cultural landscape in its twilight with all the intensity of a white-hot disco ball.

Naughty White Chocolate is available for performance and playing engagements managed and organised by visionary forward-thinkers who are looking for the "thing that was done before but is coming back huge AFTER the next big thing" instead of simply just the "next big thing"...

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Phone: 08 9795 4328