Mim Fitze

Born in 1985 in Austria, the homeland of remarkable classical composers such as Mozart, Schubert and Strauss, and the land where "the hills are alive with the sound of music", Mim was the fourth of six children.

However, Salzburg was not to be her home for long.

At one year of age her family emigrated to the land Down Under to begin a new life.

Life as a musician began for Mim at age eight when her birthday wish for piano and vocal lessons was granted.

Her talent was soon recognised, and her love for playing music grew by the day. She expanded her skills to include guitar, clarinet and saxophone, seeking aid from a number of teachers in the country she was residing at with her travel-loving family, as well as picking up skills of her own accord.

When it came time to choose a career direction, it was clear to those around her that for her to be able to live her dreams and lead a fulfilled life, a big part of her future had to involve music.

Having returned to Austria in her teens, Mim auditioned at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and was accepted to begin a career in "School Music" (Bachelor of Music Education).

She completed her final year and graduated from the "Hochschule fuer Kunst" in Zuerich, Switzerland. The weekly lessons in music pedagogy, piano, guitar, classical and contemporary vocals, ear training and jazz proved to be an ideal foundation for the musical career she pursued.

After several years of teaching music in class/school settings, and to private students on three continents, Mim realised this was not all she dreamed to use her musical talents for. After struggling with some hardships in her life, the quote "music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" became so real to her that it became her driving force.

In 2011 she began working on her song-list of cover songs, striving for artistic excellence and quality, to prepare her for the next step in her musical career...gigging.

With an ever-growing song-list of more than 70 songs, Mim is now enjoying being able to do what she loves doing most, whilst having an audience to share it with, at weddings, engagement parties, special occasions, over dinner or drinks...

Contact -

Phone: 0401 463 872

Email: mimfitze@hotmail.com

Website: www.mimfitze.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mimfitze/?fref=ts