The Hazbeans offer a unique blend of Bluegrass, Country and Traditional Irish songs.

Based in Bunbury, all band members have enjoyed many years' experience in the music industry, playing a variety of styles from Country to Heavy Rock before deciding to revert to Bluegrass - a style of music they all love.

Over the past five years, The Hazbeans has been working as a duo and performing at taverns, weddings, parties, festivals and community events.

They have also been seen busking around the streets of Bunbury and at various market places.

However, now with the addition of double bass and guitar, they have become a four-piece band with an extensive repertoire of Bluegrass and Country songs, along with a number of originals by Dave.

The Hazbeans love nothing more than getting out and entertaining folk, as they did whilst busking at the Nannup Music Festival this year.

The Hazbeans are -

David Campbell (originally from Belfast, having played professionally in a wedding band in Glasgow for several years before migrating to Bunbury)

Banjo, guitar, harp, button accordion, drum box and vocals

Leigh Kelly (played all types of music as Remnants band throughout the South West, from Bunbury to Esperance, for many years at cabarets, footy wind-ups, parties etc)

Mandolin, guitar, piano accordion, fiddle and vocals

James Taylor (has played in many bands around the South West over the years)

Guitar, slide guitar and vocals

Dalvene Taylor (has been playing a ukulele bass guitar for several years and has now become very proficient having moved on to double bass)

Double bass, guitar and vocals

Dave and Leigh are still available for duo gigs when required and have a big selection of both commercial and Irish tunes, as well as their Bluegrass repertoire.

With Dave on guitar and Leigh on bass they have played many St Patrick's Day gigs.

Contact -

Leigh Kelly - 0428 361 067; 08 9795 1139; leighvicki@bigpond.com

Dave Campbell - 08 9707 3253

Email: thehazbeans@gmail.com

Website: http://thehazbeans.wix.com/thehazbeans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Hazbeans-1674059109498980/?fref=ts