For some good Irish Craic, The Hazbeans offer a unique blend of Irish, bluegrass, popular and country songs.

Ideal for parties, weddings and fairs, The Hazbeans have also played South West taverns and you may even see them busking around Bunbury's streets and at local markets.

Dave and Leigh spent five years working as a duo in Bunbury and surrounds before teaming with a local couple four years ago to specialise in bluegrass music.

They have now returned to working as a duo, offering a big selection of traditional Irish songs, as well as a variety of popular, rock, bluegrass and country tunes to suit any occasion.

The Hazbeans are -

Dave Campbell - guitar, banjo, harp and vocals, plus button accordian.

Dave is from Belfast, and played professionally in a wedding band in Glasgow for several years before migrating to Bunbury.

He is a very versatile musician and can play most styles of music, including blues, country and bluegrass, as well as some classical favourites.

Leigh Kelly - guitar, bass, mandolin and vocals

Leigh spent many years playing in a cabaret band (The remnants), then spent several years in a country band, both in the South West, before moving to Bunbury.

He has also played in blues bands, rock bands and bluegrass and olde-time bands.

Contact -

Leigh Kelly - 0428 361 067; 08 9795 1139; leighvicki@bigpond.com

Dave Campbell - 08 9707 3253

Email: thehazbeans@gmail.com

Website: http://thehazbeans.wix.com/thehazbeans

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Hazbeans-1674059109498980/?fref=ts