Groove Addiction

We are a four-piece outfit with two lead vocalists (male and female), guitar, saxophone and Cajon (a drum/percussion box) & percussion.

All four members have been semi-professional musicians for 20 plus years, playing in popular bands in Perth and the South West. All are currently involved in other music projects, as well as Groove Addiction in the South West.

Groove Addiction (Acoustic) has been put together specifically for events where a more subtle, refined or 'chilled' atmosphere is desired; our first repertoire was developed for the Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival a few years ago, which we have headlined now on two occasions.

Our repertoire is quite broad, with music from as far back as the late '60s through to the songs of current, popular artists. As well as playing music written for an acoustic band, we also play 'unplugged' versions of classic songs from other genres, such as Funk, Dance, Rock, Reggae, RnB, all with our own Groovin' twist.

Our music is particularly well suited to a lazy afternoon or evening enjoying good food, wine and company but we also have plenty of upbeat numbers to get a party dancing and singing.

Contact –


Phone: 0400 224 158