Fatt Matt

Matt Yates has been involved in circus performance and training for the past 25 years.

He has been based in Western Australia since 1990 and has been instrumental in the development of the WA circus movement.

Matt was trained by both Chinese and Russian teachers, was Director of Education and Training at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and has performed around the world with companies such as Circus Oz, Acrobat and his own Lunar Circus.

He has taught numerous young people the art of circus, some of whom have gone onto professional training and performance.

Matt currently performs and teaches around the globe and is the Director of the Western Australian Circus Festival at the Lunar Circus site in Karridale near Margaret River, WA.

Fatt Matt shows are flexible to fit any audience and event style:

* An MC for your event

* A collection of small acts, or

* The Fatt Matt Show

Matt's wit and humour are in a league of their own. Highly skilled at speaking on the spot, Matt is able to tailor his commentary to the moment.

Well known for his ability to connect with children, the elderly, the disabled and everyone in between, Matt brings a personalised and usually somewhat irreverent touch to your event.

Acrobatic comedy, combined with incredible dexterity, help create some bizarre stunts that defy gravity - in fact they defy all reason!

Watch the man with the pinkest clothes in show business play tunes while standing on his head, balance multiple eggs on a chopstick and perform a heart stopping hand balancing routine atop a precarious stack of 16 glasses!

"He is so funny, I nearly wet myself!"… Astonished onlooker

"Amazing feats of balance"…New York Post

"Fatt Matt was great at the festival! He MC'd for hours and was funny the whole time!"…Megan, visitor to the Augusta River Festival.

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Phone: 08 9795 4328

Email: info@bunburyentertainmentagency.com.au

Website: www.lunarcircus.com

http: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_FsZ31tk0