Dinkum Dinosaurs

Dinkum Dinosaurs is a mobile animatronic dinosaur discovery trail combined with dinosaur education talks and a live dinosaur comedy ventriloquist show.

Shows and exhibitions cater for many types of events and venues - from festivals and agricultural shows to schools, shopping centres and libraries.

Our festival package includes a mobile animatronic dinosaur discovery trail combined with encounters with a 4m long T-Rex and a live dinosaur comedy ventriloquist show.

It comes with a 19m x 12m marquee containing its own stage and the discovery trail itself.

We supply everything we need including stage and sound and it is fully self-contained.

For festivals and events there are up to 3 shows each day, each including a 20-minute educational talk on our dinosaurs, followed by a 30-minute comedy dinosaur puppet show with our amazing ventriloquist Ranger Jim and our custom-made 1.8m dinosaur puppet Dezzy the Dinosaur.

The dinosaur trail is open all day and throughout the day our rangers are also available to give information on the dinosaurs, fossils etc. The dinosaur trail not only includes animatronic dinosaurs but a collection of real fossils including genuine dinosaur teeth and a replica T-Rex skeleton.

We are currently building the stage and dino display into a trailer which will open out to 9m long and around 4m high to give the show more visibility as it is open to the audience.


"My daughter loved this show so much we went to it 3 x times in 2 days."  - Amy Willumsen

"This guy is just awesome, just awesome!" - Renee Dhaliwal Bhamra

"The kids love it. They laughed and laughed."- Katrina Ashton

"What an interactive, hilarious show." - Gabrielle Spencer

"Fantastic! Great for all ages, even us mums and dads." - Jade Scott

"Awesome show, had the kids in stitches." - Stacey Passmore

"It was perfect for all no matter what age they were." - Lorna White

"Dinkum Dinosaurs was an absolute crack up." - Steve N Stacey

"Brilliant!!" - Louise N Wilson Paewai

"Kids are still cracking up." - Hayley Firth

"Great entertainment ... four children ranging in ages from 3 years to 9 years just loved it at the Emerald Show … don't think I've laughed so much in ages."  - Greta S. Thayer Watson

These are just a few of the comments we have received in reviews.

Our animatronic dinosaur display and our new 4m long dinosaur "Dillo", who stars in our interactive appearances with "Dillo Dinosaurs Dance Time", are now available for your event.

Contact -

James Sleight

Phone: 0412473670 (James)
Phone: 0414370919 (Alley)

Email: mail@dinkumdinosaurs.com

Website: www.dinkumdinosaurs.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dinkumdinosaurs