Simon Walsh, the founder of Cirquel, is a world-class juggler, musician, acclaimed circus teacher, gifted artist and designer.

Simon has performed all around Australia and New Zealand, both solo and with a number of circuses including Suitcase Circus, Circus Monoxide and Toybox Circus. He has taught at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in recent years and has worked with a host of primary and high schools as well as circus schools.

Simon is the most highly qualified and specialised teacher in Western Australia for Juggling and the Manipulation Circus Artforms.

Simon and fellow Cirquel performers offer an amazing selection of unique and highly innovative artistic co-creations, including The Captain Quirk Show, Roving Performances and the Salamandala Fire Show, as well as education and workshops.

The vivacious Captain Quirk takes you on an action-packed journey from the technical to the ridiculous, and the marriage of the two into a strange new beast.

This dynamic show includes whip cracking madness, spectacular juggling, audience participation, and a unique dangerous finale that's nuttier than a fruit cake.

As a roving entertainer Captain Max Quirk wanders throughout your event on giant stilts dressed in his grooviest gear. He performs amazing juggling feats and plays a host of silly and serious instruments from ukulele to jaw harps, kazoos, harmonicas, slide whistles and tin whistles.

Full of magic and beauty, Salamandala is an all-fire spectacular duo show danced and performed by Sheah Nahshon and Simon Walsh. As partners they are able to draw upon Sheah's background in dance and music and Simon's in circus and music.

Sheah is an inspired visual artist, stunning fire performer/dancer, poi teacher and a unique, innovative designer.

The combination of mediums and style is original and daring using such props as Fire-Kung Fu Fans, Fire Juggling, Fire Double Staffs and Fire Rope Poi's. Constantly creating and evolving this is a show with its own unique soundtrack.

Education and Workshops

Cirquel offers the opportunity for highly specialised professional workshops in many formats and for a diverse range of participants.

Presenting an exciting array of skills to learn including stilt walking, juggling, unicycling, plate spinning, Chinese Diabolo, devil/flower sticks manipulation, poi and single and double staff spinning and human pyramids/acrobatic balance.

All activities are "play safe" and have been designed to provide maximum co-operation among participants, control against injury and are fully insured.

Cirquel (noun):

A circle of circus performers, musicians, artists, more!

Contact -

Simon Walsh

Phone: 0413 955 144 (+61413 955 144 outside Australia)