Understand the Risks


Why you should consider engaging an agency when booking a band/act for your event -

Special events like weddings, family parties, sports club fundraisers and corporate functions often require many hours of meticulous planning - but sometimes even the best made plans can go awry.

Especially when events are planned across many months - circumstances can change.

People move on, get sick, unforeseen events can alter plans at a minute's notice.

Some performers may be booked 12 or more months in advance - have you ever considered what you would do if, at a time close to your event (or even on the day), you found they were no longer available?

Booking through an agency can alleviate that worry - as the agency will have a back-up plan so that your event can go ahead, albeit with a replacement DJ, band, singer, party entertainer etc.

Understand the Risks
BEA will help to ensure that your SHOW DOES GO ON

Booking your entertainment through Booking Entertainment Agency will ensure that your function is not compromised should an unforeseen event change the availability of your selected entertainment.

Consider this...

  1. The live entertainers that you have booked change their mind, deciding that the original price quoted is now not enough and they want to charge you extra. You could either pay more or you could have the entertainment cancel.
  2. Your entertainers don't write down the details properly - so they could forget to turn up, they could come at the wrong time or they could go to the wrong place - your event could be ruined.
  3. The band's equipment breaks down and you could be left with no back-up plan.
  4. Your entertainers agree to play certain styles/genres of music when the booking is made, but change their minds, therefore you could get something you didn't pay for.
  5. If your live entertainment encounters an emergency (for example, car accident, gets sick, unforeseen circumstances) you could be left stranded with no entertainment for your guests.
  6. Due to being a one-off gig, your entertainment could turn up unsuitably dressed, help themselves to your food and beverages, drink your alcohol, and act disrespectfully towards you and your guests.
  7. Your entertainment could only play for short periods with extended breaks.
  8. Unfortunately some great live performers can think they are rock stars and become very demanding, especially if they know there are no replacements.
  9. A public venue offers your live entertainment permanent weekly work, where one of the dates falls on the same date as your event; as a result, the band could cancel your booking.
  10. Another client offers your live entertainment more money to have them on the same day as your event; again, they may decide to cancel your gig.
  11. If there is more than one band member looking after the band's bookings and your live entertainment is double-booked, you could be the one who misses out.